Le Radio di Sophie

Welcome English-speaking visitor!

Le Radio di sophie (Sophie's radios - Sophie is the cat) is a website devoted to the enthusiasts and the collectors of Italian antique radio. Here you find a very comprehensive collection of schematics, covering almost the entire valve period (1925-1970) plus the early period of transistor (1957-1980). The schematics can be ordered by e-mail in pdf format at no charge. Just write giving us brand and model. In case you don't know, please give us as many particulars as you can to make us recognize your set. Many thousands of non-Italian schematics are also available (please ask!)

You can also purchase the entire schematics database, organized into 2 DVD-roms: "Radio Italiane a Valvole" (tube sets) and "Radio Italiane a transistor" (transistor sets) This latter includes many portable record players, tape recorders and amplifiers. A third CD ("20.000 valvole - Twenty thousand tubes") contains a very large database of electron tubes. Many other cd-roms have been added in the years (and more will come in the future). Here you can find the entire list

Please drop a line to ask for further details.

Great part of the site is devoted to the repair and restoration techniques of vintage sets. Here you can find a lot of technical advices along with some basics of electronics and radio techniques.

Many books are available for purchase in the section named libri 

A growing number of pages are reserved to the crystal sets: the theory, the practice of either crystal or small tube sets, and a beautiful construction kit, perhaps the first to be offered in Italy. 

In the Gallery a number of sets are shown and described. There you can find both the vintage radio of the twenties and the transistor novelty of last year... enjoy!

Documentation  and reproduction of technical books or magazines are available at no cost in the download and history sections

A technical Forum is available for any pertinent discussion: you can ask for schematics, advice, spare parts or just put to everybody's knowledge something of your interest.

Thank you. Have a good time with Sophie! Leonardo & Stefania

(We apologize for not translating in English the entire site, but we are confident that anyone interested in vintage radio will be able to find his way in spite of the foreign language. On the other hand, we are specialized in Italian radio technique, which is rather peculiar as in any other country; so in our opinion there is little point in spreading allover the world what is of interest of just a finite number of people)

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